When you are deciding where to buy your wedding gown, there are more factors to consider than you might guess. The initial selection of you ideal gown is just the start. As you know, unless an off the rack gown fits you perfectly, you will require fittings and alterations to make the wedding dress you have chosen into your dream wedding gown.

We have assembled these individuals to insure that you have the best gown selection experience we can possibly provide. We don’t cut any corners and pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and service.

Have a look at our ‘What’s New’ page to see the latest information on what’s happening in the shop. Then go to our ‘Gowns’ page to view a sample of our wedding dresses. Remember, this page gives you only a small sampling of our wedding dresses you can choose. Like this page it has links to our designer sites so you can view over 1000 wedding dresses. Once you have had a chance to view a number of gowns, call us on 02 9222 2933 or 9222 2944 for an appointment to come in and view our full collection of gowns.

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